As far as I know, the Muslim empires and kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent were either based in Lahore or Delhi.

I searched for the history of the top 10 largest cities in Pakistan. I only found Lahore and Peshawar had connections with some Muslim empires/kingdoms where Peshawar was used as the winter capital by some dynasties.

Did any Muslim empire/kingdom have its capital in modern Pakistan except Lahore?

The various capitals of the Princely States that joined Pakistan do not count as I am interested in the period before the British colonization.


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Thatta was the capital for multiple dynasties, including the Muslim Soomra which ruled Sindh from there continuously in 1026–1356.

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    Can you add some details to this (just a paragraph or two)? Just a single sentence isn't really much of an answer... Also, are there any other examples other than Thatta. Jul 28, 2020 at 0:42

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