The Heart of Altanta Motel was a resort motel in Georgia that infamously sued the United States for the right to discriminate against customers against the provisions of the public accommodations section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Heart of Atlanta, Inc. v. United States became a landmark Supreme Court ruling upholding the validity of the Act.

Information about the motel itself, however, is very scarce. I was able to find one blog post that appears well-researched describing the motel in its heyday. The fate of the motel after this case seems completely undocumented, however. Today, the Hilton Atlanta stands where Heart of Atlanta Motel once stood, but I can't find any information about when the motel closed or why. Did bad publicity spell swift doom for the business? If not, how long did it continue to operate before it was bought out and demolished?

When and why did the Heart of Atlanta Motel close?


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