Wikipedia lists the following Ottoman currencies: Akçe, Para, Kuruş, Lira, Sultanî, but I would like to now which were prevalent in actual use (or, rather, uses). Also, such a variety suggests that perhaps different geographical areas saw the use of different currencies. Another aspect that occurs to me is: how prevalent was the use of European currencies, in comparison to Ottoman currency(ies)?

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From 1516 to 1917 it was Ottoman money, named gold liran asmali. To be specific, from 1807 to 1918 they used a different Ottoman currency named tamashlik,onlic,sikwin. In 1914 when the Ottomans lost in WWI, French Liran gold became prevalent. In 1917/11/23 the British announced that Egyptian money was legal, as well as Ottoman, and any money from allies.

References (not in English, or a Latin alphabet):

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