From a bit of UK suffragette history/fight:

The election of Lady Sandhurst was instantly challenged by the anti-suffragist Beresford Hope, whom Lady Sandhurst had defeated. Beresford Hope v. Sandhurst reached court on 18 March 1889 and went to appeal in May of that year [...]

Is this "anti-suffragist Beresford Hope" related to Alexander Beresford Hope? It couldn't have been him because ABH died in 1887 so maybe a descendant or some relative... Does anyone know the details as whom the "anti-suffragist Beresford Hope" was?

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The “anti-suffragist Beresford Hope” was actually Charles Thompson Beresford-Hope.

The article notes that:

He was the youngest son of the Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander James Beresford Hope, a prominent Conservative Party member of parliament.

Wikipedia also has an article which lists the members of London County Council 1889–1919.

Perhaps surprisingly, given the significance of the case of Berseford Hope v. Sandhurst in the history of women's suffrage in the UK, it appears that nobody has yet created a Wikipedia page for Charles Thompson Beresford-Hope himself.

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