Comedian Chris Rock's infamous rant about the differences between different sections of the African-American population from his 1996 "Bring the Pain" performance has become an iconic moment in modern American comedy, and contains the following famous line:

"You can't go to a movie the first time it come out - why? Because n****** is shooting at the screen. What kind of ingorant s*** is that?! 'Oh this a real good movie - it's so good I gotta bust a cap in here!"

I've done some research, but can't find any references to this actually happening. Did some African-American "gangsta" types really shoot up cinema screens in 90s America? If so, how commonplace was this? Was it a one-off incident that provoked media anger, or was it a sustained low-culture phenomenon like "happy slapping" in the 2000s UK?



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    Might be a question for Skeptics SE? – Tom Sol Sep 4 '20 at 16:36

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