I'm doing some historical research on a manuscript. I'm having trouble finding where this watermark is from however. Watermark:

I'm very sure the watermark is a dragon type watermark from a printer between 1400-1600. I've already consulted Briquet's 1907 work concerning watermarks, but couldn't find it there. I'm quite certain the watermark can be found in Gerhard Piccard's Wasserzeichen Fabeltiere - Greif Drache Einhorn. I don't have access to the work however.

I'd like to know which company produced this watermark, when and where if that's possible. Also the number in the work so I can cite it.

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    How do you know: "I'm very sure the watermark is a dragon type watermark from a printer between 1400-1600"? Questions are expected to arrive with sufficient description that answerers need not repeat research already done by OP. – Pieter Geerkens Dec 27 '20 at 14:22
  • I think it's a pity this question was closed, for what strike me as formal reasons. Especially when other recent questions, founded on strange speculative theories are not closed. – kimchi lover Dec 27 '20 at 23:51

A form of Piccard is online. Typing "drache" in the search box on https://www.piccard-online.de/struktur.php gets 200-odd hits, some of which look like your image. In particular, https://www.wasserzeichen-online.de/wzis/struktur.php?ref=IT6900-PO-123950 , whose metadata includes

Wasserzeichen IT6900-PO-123950
Referenznummer IT6900-PO-123950
Motivgruppe Fabelwesen - Drache - frei, ganze Figur - ohne Beizeichen - waagrecht/steigend
Quelle Italien, Prato, Archivio di Stato, Prato, A Datini 855
1404, Brügge
Sammlung Piccard-Online
Abmessungen || 59 mm, Breite 50 mm, Höhe 64 mm
Bezüge Piccard-Findbücher Online

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