Recently it has been in the news that Biden's inauguration could feature more than 2,500, more than 5,000, more than 10,000, 20,000, 25,000, or even 30,000 national guardsmen in DC.

It's hard to contextualize these numbers because I'm not sure what is normal.

How many soldiers were present in DC for past inaugurations?

I am mainly interested in the more recent presidents (say, back to Clinton) as I think they will be most relevant in the comparison. I am also interested if there is any specific reason why a president has more or less than usual.

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    Normal would be none. Apart from a few officers and enlisted men being present during the ceremony.
    – Jos
    Jan 21 at 3:28
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    @Jos Could you write that up in an answer? According to wiki Obama's had 10,000 national guard, 8,000 police, 1,000 fbi, secret service snipers, 300 TSA, etc. Over 20,000 security personnel is obviously a far cry from "a few"! So what you are saying is very different to what I've seen elsewhere.
    – gbeeduljqa
    Jan 21 at 3:35
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    It doesn't give numbers, but this says there was a large military presence at Lincoln's inauguration due to fears that those upset at his victory might react violently. Presumably the general answer is that those in charge of security are going to try to match the perceived threat. Jan 21 at 4:18
  • @GorttheRobot Is that to say they are ONLY deployed when there is a specific threat? Eg the 20,000 security at Obama's inauguration where to meet a specific perceived threat?
    – gbeeduljqa
    Jan 21 at 6:34
  • The wiki link you gave covers that Jan 21 at 15:16

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