I'm a bit confused about Charlemagne's rule in Europe. So I saw two names that were frequent in his biography in Wikipedia: Carolingian and Frankish. And I saw that the area of those empires were very similar. So is the Carolingian and Frankish Empire the same?

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    Suggest you read the wiki article on the Carolingian empire. – Lars Bosteen Feb 13 at 4:48
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The Carolingian Empire is a name commonly used for the Frankish empire in the 8th and 9th century, during Carolingian rule of the empire and imperial expansion (especially under Charlemagne/Karl dem Großen).

  • The Carolingian empire refers to the empire of the Carolingian dynasty, which commonly gets traced to the 7th century.
  • The Frankish empire refers to the empire (or kingdom) of the Franks, from the 5th century onwards.

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