I see that you have a lot of knowledge and I have been looking for information for several years. Do you know the story of this kamon? It is worn by my wife's family. It's Maruni ken Hanabishi; it is exposed like this in the house of the grandparents Framed kamon, formally displayed

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In this site, this kamon is named as Hiraoshiki Kenhanakaku. Kenhanakaku means "Sword flower horn". It is a variation of the Hanabishi.

Generally I think you will find crests being used by different clans as they adopted symbols and crests from previous/other clans with which they were affiliated or to establish their legitimacy. For example a similar pattern is found in use by the Goto clan or Uku clan.

These two pictures downloaded from here have the Goto clan and Naito II using mon with a similar pattern:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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