Gillian Brockell wrote in an article at the WP:

In 1860, two major factors helped to propel Lincoln — a one-term congressman and country lawyer most known for losing a Senate campaign — to the Republican nomination for the presidency. First, the support of former German revolutionaries who had become key players in the Republican Party; and second, the support of the party’s newspaper, the Tribune.

So, who were these former German revolutionaries? A quick search did not locate names.

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    The references in the wiki article on Forty-Eighters may be a good place to start. May 2 at 23:08
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    ...particularly under "Political Activists". Interesting topic.
    – T.E.D.
    May 3 at 2:56
  • I batch of my own ancestors are Germans who arrived in the US right around this time. I wish I had more details on them in particular. May 3 at 17:14

This is a list-type question, and "key-player" a rather wobbly defined term.

Therefore, this answer is a community wiki. Please help to fill in the gaps.

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    Carl Schurz had become a key figure for the Democratic Party by the end of his life, supporting Bryan for president in 1900 and Parker in 1904.
    – C Monsour
    May 4 at 3:18

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