I know the photo of "white 44" is JG 301, and that the photo of "yellow 20" is a training squadron. However, Revell of Germany came out with a kit that had II/JG 7 Bf-109G-10 "white 4" as an option. Is this historically accurate? Any information or help with would be appreciated, not just about this plane, but any JG 7 Bf-109s. Photo of a plane

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    All answers are expected to show sources. ("Please show sources") is like asking that water be wet.
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  • As far as I know, they did not operate anything except Me-262, but Bf-109 G is sometimes listed as planned. It is possible that Bf-109s (alongside with newly trained pilots) were diverted to other Jagdgeschwader that had more experience with them ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg7.htm
    – rs.29
    Jun 29 at 8:01
  • This question could be useful to you : history.stackexchange.com/questions/62776/…
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    Jun 29 at 8:02

According to this description of German Aircraft of WWII, Bf-109's with the distinctive tail markings of JG 7 were captured by the allies. According to Wikipedia for Jagdgeschwader 7 no surviving documentation exists on the role for such Bf-109s; but general belief is that they flew top cover for the ME-262s.

enter image description here

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