So I was randomly reading about Tohor Zhivkov. The Guardian states:

Zhivkov, who has since died, was tried and sentenced to house imprisonment, partly for inciting racial hatred in a 1980s campaign to make the Turkish-origin community change their names to 'Bulgarian' ones.

On the other hand Wikipedia:TodorZhivkov states:

Following his fall from power, the new regime brought Zhivkov to five separate trials - labelled trials No.1 through No. 5 of the Republic of Bulgaria, each with their own indictment. Indictment No. 1 regarded the 'Revival Process', Indictment 2 accused him of overstepping his authority in "funding the international communist movement", Indictment 3 accused him and 21 others of giving out high-risk loans to developing countries, Indictment 4 accused him of giving away apartments and cars worth a total of around $24 million (in 1990 dollars) to members of the security forces and indictment 5 accused him of involvement in labour camps. The first four were brought before the court immediately, while as indictment 5 was brought before the court later

Zhivkov pled not guilty to all counts on all indictments, but was initially found guilty of one of the four indictments at that point, Indictment 4, and was subsequently sentenced to seven years in prison. He disputed the court's verdict and appealed it. An appellate court found "oddities" in the original verdict and decided to confirm it, but lowered his sentence to just 1 year and 6 months.

What is historically accurate? Was Zhivkov under house arrest partly for inciting racial hatred? Is there some good online resource where I can read on this person?

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    The racial hatred part seems to be about the Revival Project. If the wp article is correct, it means he was tried, but not sentenced for inciting racial hatred
    – Jan
    Aug 1 at 12:13
  • "Racial hatred" is a poor translation . More like forced Bulgarisation and expulsion of Turks from Bulgaria.
    – rs.29
    Aug 1 at 21:00

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