I'm doing research about Averroes, especially his interest in medical sciences. And I want to know his interest motivation, indication, and his age when he started to study medicine.

I looked at what we call in Arabic literature Al-Tabaqat, specifically Ibn Abi Usaybi'a Book, and all what he mentioned is: He studied it with Abu Jafar Jarim al-Tajail and Avempace, no further helpful information related to what I'm seeking for.

So, I decided to track the history of his book al-Kulliyyāt, in the introduction of the modern arabic edition AlJabri said the book was written on 557 Hijri which equivalent to 1162 AD, that means he was 36/37 years old. This is a good indication about his early interest in medicine.

In conclusion, I want to know if there any reference mentioned why and when Averroes started to be interested in medicine?


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