I am interested in the history of corporations, and followed its evolution/creation to the middle 1500's first public stock companies, the first which was the Muscovy Company chartered in 1555 according to Wikipedia. This was lined up with some notes about the Fur Trade, where France (and other countries?) were looking for fur hats. This lead to Russia/France exploring Canada of North America, and the Hudson Bay Company eventually came down to Northern California, ultimately to San Francisco in the 1820s-30s. California was founded in 1850 after the initial gold rush.

Then the Spanish were coming as conquistadors to Central America and worked their way up to Southern California up to SF eventually, but I don't know what they were doing other than exploring? What industries were the supplying/funding at this point?

Then there is South America which I don't know much about until the Portuguese came there in the Slave Trade. I know from elementary school about the sugar and tobacco industries.

Basically, I would ideally like to know a high-level history of large-scale trade since the origin of civilization, but as that might be considered too broad, basically wondering what the snapshot of trade looked like during the Atlantic Slave Trade. So that is the question, what did trade look like globally during the Atlantic Slave Trade?

  • Russia was the world leader in the Fur Trade, trading X.
  • Spain was leader in ...
  • England
  • Portugal
  • France
  • China
  • Persia/Ottoman Empire
  • India
  • That's all I am particularly concerned with at the moment, but others too?

Who was doing what at a high level?

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    The title and the final question settled on in the last sentence of the penultimate paragraph are completely different. Could the two perhaps be reconciled? I'm particularly puzzled over if its only interested in intra-hemisphere trade, or global trade (in which case, where do the Americas fit into the question?) I could perhaps address one, but I currently don't know which one.
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