As a Romanian I know from interviews, articles, testimonies, that many Romanians expected at the end of World War II (starting with 1944 and the following years, when the character of the Soviet takeover became evident and the resistance formed) that "the Americans are coming" to save us from the Soviet takeover. This was supported by promises of help offered by US officials at the highest levels to Romanian politicians, ambassadors, etc.

As a result, there was a big resistance movement in the mountains, including parts of the Romanian Army who were waiting to sync with the Americans once they come.

Of course, this never happened. Many of those who believed it would met a tragic end, being captured, tortured and killed by the Securitate after years of living in hiding in the mountains.

Can someone provide more details about this: what promises were made, by who and to whom, why and when were they broken, why were they made in the first place?

I'm pretty sure it wasn't just wishful thinking, given the number and quality of people involved in the resistance. I've also read/seen interviews with people mentioning specific promises made by certain US officials. Unfortunately I don't know those sources anymore, that's why I'm asking.



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