This is the theorem in mathematics. This link Romanoff's theorem provides that the first proof was around 1934 and the proof was by Nikolai Pavlovich Romanov. But when I searched for "Nikolai Pavlovich Romanov" I got Nikolai Pavlovich Romanov as the first reference but in the site he died in 1855 so this is confusing for me.

Could anyone provide the biography of Nikolai Pavlovich Romanov? Who was him?


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See Romanov's brief bio in the Wikipedia article here. Use Google translate if you cannot read Russian. Note that there appears to be a small error in the article. Namely, according to the book "Thirty Years of mathematics in USSR, 1917-1947", p. 57, Romanov's advisor was Schnirelmann, not Khinchin and Schmidt as Wikipedia says.

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