My family stumbled upon another piece of silverware. Sadly we cannot identify the silver mark nor do we know where the piece comes from. Someone pointed out that it might be Persian. But that did not help us at all.

The hallmark consists of 3 symbols (from left to right, as seen in the picture):

  1. ???
  2. A Bell
  3. ??? <- might be the number 900 ?

Maybe some of you fine people could point us in the right direction.
Please have a look at the picture and share your knowledge.


Three symbols in silver

  • Voting to close as off-topic... maybe try silver-collector.com
    – Brian Z
    Apr 15 at 23:14
  • 4
    The same three marks appear to be discussed in this thread of a third-party forum, where they are described as Egyptian, and further details are given. The middle mark is apparently a lotus flower, not a bell (image is upside down here).
    – njuffa
    Apr 15 at 23:36
  • 3
    @njuffa Those are clearly not 'the same'! But thx, they are similar, & it confirms my nervous reading of the pic here (upside down, ~Hieroglyphs, Lotus; here the '1st' (or last) may be Arabic (nun?)?). Fragender: could you upload an image with more detail (+ 180° rotated)? Apr 15 at 23:58
  • @njuffa Good call on that third-party forum thread. Looks like the first two symbols are the same, indicating .900 silver, but the third (the date) may be different.
    – shoover
    Apr 16 at 4:26
  • 2
    silvercollection.it/EGYPTSILVERHALLMARKS.html may be of some help.
    – shoover
    Apr 16 at 4:27

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Credit to Shoover, the page he links to has this well down it:

enter image description here

which looks to be the same as yours. Interpreted it is:

  • [Beni Souef, .900 fine]
  • [Silver]
  • [1992]

(I would probably have only commented, but had to raise this to an answer to show the illustration)

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