Where is buried Édouard Lucas?

He was a famous French mathematician, he died in 1891 in Paris, France.

His full name is: François-Édouard-Anatole Lucas

I tried a search on the findagrave website, but there is no entry for his name.

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Since he died in Paris, it is quite probably that he was buried there:

Lucas died at the age of 49 (3 October 1891) from a severe infection following a freak accident: A waiter had wounded his cheek with a broken plate at a banquet of the Association française pour l'avancement des sciences (AFAS). Edouard Lucas is buried in Montmartre Cemetery.

— Gérard P. Michon: "Numericana's Biographies"

Montmartre Cemetery is officially called "Cimetière du Nord":

Édouard Lucas (1842–1891), mathematician

More specifically:

enter image description here enter image description here

The tomb of Édouard Lucas on the Montmartre cemetary, Paris: 770cp1857, 23rd division, 8th row, 27 Avenue des Carrieres

— Caroline Holz auf der Heide: "Distances and automatic sequences in distinguished variants of Hanoi graphs", Dissertation, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, 2016. PDF

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