Zionism - that is Jewish Nationalism - arose in the modern era in tandem with other European Nationalisms.

Were there any earlier precursors of this movement? I am talking between the period where the Jewish people were dispersed after the destruction of the second temple by the Romans as punishment for a failed Jewish rebellion around 70 BCE and the beginning of the 20C.

I am not talking about such things as aliyah which I ha e heard of, and are religiously motivated customs. In this case, immigration to the historical land of Israel. I am looking for politically movements.

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    See aliyah.
    – Lucian
    Sep 21 at 22:56
  • @Lucian: I have head of it. This merely refers to immigration to the historical land of Israel until it also became an integral part of Jewish Nationalism (Zionism). This was not a political movement until Zionism and isn't really what I'm asking about. Sep 21 at 23:09


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