I've magnified the information plaque in the virtual tour, but can only make out a name that appears to begin with a "P" and end in a numeral "I". Scrolling through the Wikipedia list of Pharaohs does not reveal any obvious matches. Perhaps the subject is not a Pharaoh, but then...who? No clear matches in the online collection database, either. A video of the AfterHours tour comes tantalizingly close, but misses the life-size (I assume) damaged, black bust.

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    I haven't found a contact link yet, but will keep searching. Nothing in the catalog, though, stylistically, almost every statue looks more or less like Ramses II or Amenhotep. The name in the magnified images also seems too long to be "Ptolemy I", too.
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    Sep 30, 2022 at 11:30
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    Thank you! (and the Walking Camera, too)
    – user217348
    Sep 30, 2022 at 11:39

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A little searching brought up a video walking tour of the museum room mentioned. This YouTube video on The Walking Camera channel shows what I assume is the bust in question [time 5:19], and the plaque beneath the bust labels the item as Ptolemy I, [time 5:30] , so it does start with a P and end with an I.

The label reads

enter image description here

Ptolemy I.
Egyptian, late 3rd century BC.

Fragment of a basalt statue of Ptolemy I (305-283 BC), general of Alexander the Great, who founded the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt, wearing a royal headdress with a protecting serpent.

Said to have been found in the lining of a well in the Nile Delta.

The museum has more information concerning this particular statue here, and here is an image of the bust in question from Wikimedia enter image description here

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