All nine of the founding railroad companies of the Chicago stock yard. All presidents of the founding members during this time (1864)

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(partial answer)

The railroads are detailed here (reformatted into more readable list form)

The plan was made possible through an agreement reached by nine railroads handling shipments of live stock to and from Chicago by which it was agreed that they would give up the yards they were then maintaining in widely separated sections of the city and that in the future such live stock business would be handled through the Union Stock Yard & Transit Co These nine railroads were as follows

  1. The Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Co
  2. the Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad Co
  3. the Michigan Central Railroad Co
  4. the Chicago & Great Eastern Railroad Co
  5. the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co
  6. the Chicago & North Western Railway Co
  7. the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad Co
  8. the Chicago & Alton Railroad Co and
  9. the Illinois Central Railroad Co

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