A web site dicussing the Boston Tea Party has the following paragraph:

Two hundred thirty-nine years later, young John’s find, one of only two known surviving tea chests from the Boston Tea Party, and known now as the Robinson Half Chest, is on display in the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum in Boston.

Where is the other surviving chest from the Boston Tea Party (Not the Robinson chest)? What is the story of this other chest, and what does it look like?

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The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum reopened in 2012 with the Robinson Tea Chest as one of their main attractions. The site referenced by OP lays out the provenance of the chest, which is largely considered to be an authentic relic of the Boston Tea Party. When the museum opened it was believed that there was a second surviving tea chest and this was reflected in promotional materials and in onsite tour content.

What has been referenced as "the other surviving chest" is a chest at the museum of the Daughters of the American Revolution, which is no longer considered to be a survivor from the Boston Tea Party. It's recently been dated to a few decades after the event. You can see it in their collections.

You can read more about its story in boston1775.blogspot.com

During my time as a supervisor at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum (2016–2018) we had correspondence with the DAR museum, wherein they confirmed that the chest in their possession was no longer considered a relic of the Boston Tea Party. We then began training actors to speak of the Robinson Tea Chest as the only surviving tea chest. I can't answer why this page on the website has not yet been updated with this change.

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    Shouldn't this be a comment under @Steve Bird's answer then? OP didn't ask "Where is the DAR chest now?". He asked where the second chest is. Is the DAR chest is not an original, that means there has to be another second chest.
    – Opifex
    Mar 13 at 8:14
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    @Opifex Why does there have to be another second chest? I would interpret this answer as saying 'there is no second chest' and then it explains that the chest some people consider to be the second chest is actually not from the original Boston tea party.
    – quarague
    Mar 13 at 9:24
  • @Opifex Yes, but the author of this answer most probably didn't have enough rep to leave comments before they posted it. Some other stacks allow for (or, more exactly, do not punish) new users posting comments as answers and then asking mods to turn the answer into a proper comment.
    – walen
    Mar 13 at 9:53
  • @quarage I never said there should be a second chest. That's the premise of the question. If that premise is wrong, then an answer should state "There is no second surviving chest". I do not read this in this answer. (EDIT: I see now that I in fact DID say " there has to be...". But what I meant here, is that that is "based off of the question". If OP didn't mean the DAR chest, then there has to be another one he meant.)
    – Opifex
    Mar 13 at 10:51
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    This may be confusing to later viewers since this answer refutes an earlier answer by another individual, which since been self-deleted.
    – justCal
    Mar 13 at 10:52

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