According to Martyn Rady,

The Thirty Years’ War fought in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648 engulfed almost the whole continent, with sideshows in Africa, the Caribbean, and even distant Taiwan. [...] Beside the main theatre of conflict in the Holy Roman Empire were parallel contests—in the Low Countries and Catalonia, in Hungary and Transylvania, in Brazil and West Africa, and even as far off as Taiwan.

Source: Martyn Rady, The Middle Kingdoms — A new history of Central Europe, Random House, May 2023.

How was Taiwan involved in the Thirty Years' War?


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Spanish Formosa and Dutch Formosa were respectively Spanish and Dutch colonies in Taiwan. The importance of the colonies was not only in extracting value from the colonies themselves, but also in serving as bases in protecting/disrupting the trade via the nearby sea routes (e.g., the trade with Philippines), affecting the economic well-being of the colonizing powers.

The Eighty years war fought between Spain and Netherlands (which later transformed into the more general Thirty Years war) was fought as well in the colonies, eventually leading to Spain ceding its Taiwan possessions to the Dutch.

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Taiwan, as a distinct entity, was not directly involved in the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), which primarily took place in Central Europe. During that period, Taiwan was under the control of various indigenous populations, and there was no significant connection between Taiwan and the events unfolding in Europe.

It is worth noting that Taiwan's history during the 1600s was marked by the arrival of European powers seeking to establish trading outposts or colonies. In 1624, the Dutch East India Company (VOC) established a settlement in southern Taiwan known as Fort Zeelandia (present-day Anping District in Tainan City). This Dutch presence in Taiwan lasted until 1662 when they were expelled by Ming loyalist forces led by Zheng Chenggong, also known as Koxinga.

The expulsion of the Dutch resulted in Taiwan coming under the influence of the Kingdom of Tungning, which was founded by Zheng Chenggong and remained independent until the Qing dynasty's forces annexed the island in 1683. It is essential to recognize that the Kingdom of Tungning was not involved in the Thirty Years' War, nor were they directly influenced by the events happening in Europe at the time.

Overall, while Taiwan experienced significant historical developments during the same period as the Thirty Years' War, it was not directly connected or involved in the conflict itself.

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