In this Iranian website there's the following information:

براساس اسناد تاریخی موجود، سکه‌های ولایتعهدی امام رضا (ع) در ضرابخانه‌های مرو، سمرقند، اصفهان، محمدیه (ری)، فارس و نیشابور در فاصله سال‌های ۲۰۱ تا ۲۰۵ هجری قمری ضرب شد که شماری از آن‌ها در کتابخانه و موزه ملی ملک و موزة‌ آستان قدس رضوی نگهداری می‌شود.

My translation: According to the historical documents coins were minted in the name of Ali al-Rida (Abbasid Caliph al-Ma'mun's heir) in Merv, Samarkand, Isfahan, Ray, Fars, and Nishapur between 201 and 205 AH (Islamic calendar).

But Ali al-Rida was killed by al-Ma'mun in 203 AH (818 AD). So why were the coins still minted after his death? Why didn't al-Ma'mun order to recall those coins to mint a new coin? The coins continued to be minted for two years afer Ali al-Rida's death.

  • According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Theresa_thaler , the "Maria Theresa thaler" is still being minted, even though Maria Theresa died in 1780. Sep 17 at 23:09
  • That's for sure in order to honor Maria Theresa thaler. But al-Ma'mun became an enemy of Ali al-Rida and killed him. So why were the coins minted for two years after his death? Sep 18 at 11:06


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