enter image description hereUncle got this, I believe in desert storm. Dunno how he got it and he didn't wanna talk about it so I didn't ask. Please help me identify the origin and rank.

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This is a Soviet army junior officer's greatcoat (двубортная шинель).

The shoulder boards are for a post-1943 senior lieutenant of the infantry - you can just barely see the second of 3 stars and the thin red line on the right shoulder board. Although notably this is identical to later designs, including the current senior lieutenant of the Russian infantry design - the only clue would be the edge piping and the shape of the board itself, as the post-1955 edge is cut diagonally rather than with a tented edge.

I can't precisely place the year of the coat itself as it was quite an enduring standard - it matches the appearance of 1943 coats, all the way to 1990. And of course either or both items could be replicas matched together from inappropriate years.

1943 model coats: enter image description here

1990 government standard ГОСТ 20756—88: enter image description here

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    IIRC, Saddam Hussein was a bit of a Russophile. Is it possible that his military used these as well in some capacity?
    – T.E.D.
    Commented Nov 7, 2023 at 16:44

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