It's got some markings including a WD with a arrow above it, below that a Crown with 45 under it and then a E. And right by the hilt is a X. On the other side there is VI. And below that is 1.95...it had a sheath and stuff. But I don't know anything about these.

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    Including an image would improve your chances of getting an answer.
    – Steve Bird
    Feb 10 at 11:46
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    If it was buried a general location might be useful as well. you can use the edit function to add photos and updated information (measurements are always helpful as well).
    – justCal
    Feb 10 at 13:38

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At this point the markings mentioned give us some basic information to begin researching. The 'WD with a arrow above it' identify this as an item manufactured for the UK War Department. A little more googling leads to another identification site that mentions specs on a similar item at the civilWarTalk forum:

The "Broad Arrow/WD" are War Department ownership markings. The "Crown/E/35" indicates the bayonet was made at the Enfield Armory and inspected by Inspector #35.

So looks like a UK Enfield bayonet. Similar specs as your item, perhaps inspector #45. Can do more in depth research on model when updates such as images and dimensions posted.

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