Since 1948, Israel's Official Gazette has detailed all of the bills and notices of Israel's government, making it a mine of historical information.

The website of the Israel State Archives says:

The collections include Rashumot, the Official Gazette (consisting of the Government Notices, Bills, the Book of Laws, the Treaty Series, etc), [...]

Written by Ben Gurion, the first issue is also known as the Proclamation of Independence.

QUESTION: Can the Official Gazette be seen online?
It does not seem to be readable on the website of the Israel State Archives.

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    Could you please explain how this is a question about history?
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    @Drux: Thanks for the feedback! I added why it is a publication of historical significance.
    – nic
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    This is more of a "meta" question. Marked as such. Commented Apr 26, 2013 at 8:10
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