The Summa Logicae (Latin, in English it's the Sum of Logic) is a textbook on logic by William of Ockham (1323). There are articles about the Summa Logicae in Wikipedia and in Logicmuseum.

It was published in Paris in 1488. There are different typed variants of this textbook, for example here (in English).

But I can't find any scans or photos of the original handmade manuscript or the original (first) edition. Do you know any links or libraries or museims, where I can find it?

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The Logicmuseum site lists

Summa Logica: Bruges, Bibl. de la Ville 498 (an. 1340); Avignon, Bibl. Mun. 1086 (1343)

meaning there is (or was) a manuscript in the Bruges municipal library (MS 498) from the year 1340, and one in the Avignon municipal library (MS 1086) from 1343.

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