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What do the insignias on the collar shown in this photograph stand for?

Photo of my grandfather circa 1918-1945. He was born in Trieste and was in the merchant marines before jumping ship in US. Joined the US Army and was recruited as an agent for the OSS. Trying to ...
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Can anyone help me find out more information about the Daniels and Fisher Cadets?

According to Colorado Encyclopedia Online, William B. Daniels opened a dry goods store when he arrived in Denver, CO in 1864. In 1872 he partnered with William G. Fisher to make Daniels and Fisher Co. ...
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Was jealousy the cause of Ernst Winter's death?

I was on Wikipedia and I came across the Konitz Affair. I am guessing that Wikipedia took it from the Jewish, which appears to have copied the entry from a 1925 book, 'The Jewish ...
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What was a Purity Chapter?

In turn-of-the-last-century American newspapers, I keep finding notices of numbered "Purity Chapters" holding meetings, like this... The annual meeting for the election of officers of ...
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