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Referring to the time period between 1940 A.D. and 1949 A.D. by the Gregorian calendar.

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Was it possible to travel between Riverdale and Midtown Manhattan via taxi during the 1940s?

I'm writing a book that takes place in New York City in 1943. I have a character that lives in Riverdale, but works in midtown Manhattan. If one needed to travel quickly, could you take a taxi from ...
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In 1940s/50s how did refugees earn US citizenship?

I'm writing a piece about a polish refugee at the start of WW2 and I am trying to figure out the process for an unaccompanied minor, whose parents are supposed to be dead if that makes a difference, ...
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How difficult would it have been for a European to obtain access to US scientific journals in 1945?

On May 1, 1945, volume 158 of the Journal of Biologic Chemistry was published. I'd like to establish to what degree –and how soon thereafter– its content may have been accessible in continental Europe ...
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