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Questions tagged [1950s]

Referring to the time period between 1950 A.D. and 1959 A.D. by the Gregorian calendar.

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In 1940s/50s how did refugees earn US citizenship?

I'm writing a piece about a polish refugee at the start of WW2 and I am trying to figure out the process for an unaccompanied minor, whose parents are supposed to be dead if that makes a difference, ...
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Did "errand boys" really have to wear handcuffs attached to the briefcase?

In a Donald Duck comic published in 1994 (possibly conceived up to a few years prior, and possibly "set" in the 1950s), Donald Duck is forced to become an errand boy. The boss gives him a ...
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Is this "Westinghouse All Electric House" video, called a "promo from the mid 1950s", a hoax?

This video: It barely has any description, the comments are turned off, and the Wikipedia article on "Westinghouse Electric Company" does not help to clear ...
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Looking to Identify a pin/ badge

I am looking to identify this badge that my grandfather was wearing in this picture I know it’s blurry but never seen it before and don’t know where to start looking for a way to identify it. He would ...
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