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Questions tagged [21st-century]

The 21st century is the century that will last from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2100 in the Gregorian calendar.

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Can anyone find this DOJ report talking about the CIA's detention and interrogation (or torture) program?

In Ali Soufan's bookThe Black Banners - Declassified: How Torture Derailed the War on Terror after 9/11,on page 425a of the Kindle edition, he says: A July 29,2009, report by the Justice Department's ...
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Why was 6 WTC not included in the plans to rebuild the World Trade Center?

In reading the Wikipedia article about the new World Trade Center, 6 WTC is conspicuously absent. It doesn't show up in the navigation sidebar: And there's no mention of it in the list of planned or ...
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Was there a stated reason for the evacuation of Israeli settlers from the Gaza strip?

In 2005 the Israeli disengagement from Gaza took place. During this process of disengagement, the Israeli settlers within the Gaza strip were taken out of the Gaza strip (by command or by force). In ...
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Was the financial crash of 2008 caused by top graduates of the American Ivy Leagues working at wall street banks? [closed]

From this article by Lisandro 'Leloy' Claudio, a Philippine/a Filipino professor of history, politics, South & Southeast Asian Studies (and not necessarily of finance, economics, mathematics or ...
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What happened to Dyson's CoVent ventillators?

At the beginning of the first Covid-wave in 2020, the UK government asked industry to offer medical ventilators, as it was feared that the NHS might exhaust their stock of medical ventilators. By the ...
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Did the people who jumped from the World Trade Center during 9/11 lose their life insurance policy due to committing suicide?

I know there is a contestability period in which the insurance company can deny a claim for suicide, and that it’s relatively short, but I’ve been wondering if anyone who jumped, was still in that ...
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What are some important female names who participated in the first human genome sequencing project?

Specifically, females involved in the human sequencing project, from between 1990 and early 2000s (I'm especially interested in medical doctors, but tech experts or of other branches of science are ...
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Virginia's response to Harper's Ferry, compared to the US response to 9/11

9/11 is now far enough in the past that I feel more able to analyze it as history. For most of the last 18 years, my rough mental model has been something like this. The US was subject to horrific ...
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When Lehman Brothers collapsed, what happened to their clients?

For example, let's say a teacher held $10,000 in the account and another $10,000 in shares of other companies (LEH acting as a broker). Was the teacher able to get her money back after the Lehman ...
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Has any music act ever topped the Beatles in sales?

The Beatles in 1965. Source: Wikipedia Elvis Presley is widely hailed as the King of Rock and Roll, but in 1966 John Lennon said the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus" in a London Evening ...
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Was the year 2000 a really peaceful time in history for the West? [closed]

In the year 2000 I seem to remember that the world seemed mostly at peace (in the Western World at least). The worst thing was the fear of the millennial bug or that some unknown cult might try ...
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Were Cypriots able to pay their bills during the "bail in" of March 2013?

During the Cypriot financial crisis, it seems that a "bank holiday" was announced on March 16 and lasted until March 26, during which time ATM withdrawals were impossible or at least tightly ...
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Why are major streets in urban regions not build tunnel like? [closed]

I dont know where this question might belong in stackexchange, so i put it in history. Why are major streets in urban regions not build tunnel like? Not underground but with accustic barriers, and ...
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Why did the NATO (help to) overthrow Kadhafi? [closed]

What was NATO's goal? What was the strategic objective? NATO tolerated Kadhafi when he was quite hardline against the West and attacked him when he took a much more cooperative attitude towards the ...
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Was the US close to running out of volunteer manpower during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars?

I remember during the early-middle days of the Iraq War there were growing concerns on the need to reinstate conscription to shore up US troop numbers. Was there any legitimate concern behind this or ...
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What happened to insurance companies after the 9/11 attacks? [closed]

The insurance industry had a bad day on 9/11. Few would imagine a loss of literally everything (the office, the objects, the building and even the people). Of all possibile outcomes, this was the ...
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What English company founded in the 1200s filed for bankruptcy in the 2000s?

I heard a news story about an English company that had been successful since about 1200 and filed for bankruptcy in the last ten years. I heard it reported on NPR's Morning Edition, in early spring of ...
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How significant was the US military role during the NATO campaign in Libya?

The NATO campaign in Libya was started by the UK and France, and the US was later also involved. How significant and vital was the US assistance in this campaign? Edit: I am primarily interested in ...
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Who said that Saddam Hussein had WMDs?

To be more specific: Who said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in 2003? By "weapons of mass destruction", I mean atomic, biological, or chemical weapons. I'm looking for official ...
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How did France worsen its relationship with Turkey?

Several years back Turkey barred some French companies to participate in one of its arms procurement tender. Turkey doesn't allow French military air-crafts or ships to pass its territorial space. ...
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