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Questions tagged [aboriginals]

For questions about the indigenous populations predating colonization by foreign settlers.

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Why was New Guinea not colonized by Austronesians the way Indonesia was?

The map of Austronesian expansion across the Asia-Pacific looks very peculiar: The Austronesians colonized all major islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and almost all of the habitable islands of ...
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What kind of religions did ancient aboriginals of Australia follow?

What kind of religions did ancient aboriginals of Australia follow? Was there religion monotheistic, pantheistic or polytheistic? In Wikipedia I read this Australian Aboriginal religion and ...
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Did Aboriginal Australians know slings?

Did Aboriginal Australians know slings? Search on did not find anything and Google only showed this photo of 1940, so they could get this idea from Europeans. If they knew slings that ...
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Are there examples of African/European/American hunter-gatherer's constructions?

Often people think about hunter-gatherers as primitives. "Dark Emu" book is a great example of popular history book that refutes those beliefs. Aboriginal constructions could be quite ...
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Is there any evidence of pre-European contact spread of Eurasian-origin diseases in Australia, e.g., from Kilwan traders? [closed]

I know that Indonesians had been in touch with Aboriginals, and that the Cholas made it to Australia as well. Even coins from the East African Kilwa Sultanate have been found in Australia! If there ...
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The Sumatrans told Marco Polo that there was an island to the Southeast. Were they referring to Australia? [closed]

In 1292, Marco Polo was waiting for the winds to shift so he could leave Sumatra and return to Venice. He spent his time learning about an island called Java, in the southeast. Everyone said that it ...
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Did Indigenous Australians burn land to get Europeans to move on, and did Europeans follow suit?

I was told by a guide that when European settlers originally arrived in Australia, Indigenous populations burnt their land to get the Europeans to move on. I am aware that the Indigenous did burn ...
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How did native Australians arrive at the continent 65000 years ago?

How did native Australians arrive at the continent 65000 years ago? If by crossing the seas either from Africa or from South Asia, how did they navigate? How advanced might have been their knowledge ...
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Did the aborigines of Australia and the Maoris in New Zealand know about each other's existence, before the Europeans came?

The aborigines are believed to have migrated from India in prehistoric times. The Maoris are thought to have arrived from Polynesia and elsewhere in eastern Asia. They travelled by canoe. It's one ...
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Did any other countries try to breed a race out like what happened in Australia? [closed]

In Australia's History, the Europeans tried to breed out Aboriginals colour by pairing a Aboriginal Woman with a White Man. They did this because they believed... That Aboriginals were a dying race ...
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Were there any major battles between Australian Aborigines and English Colonists? [closed]

The English were hostile to most of the natives near their colonies. However, I can't seem to find any evidence as to whether or not the Aborigines partook in any battle against British colonists in ...
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Why did civilisation/city states never take root in Australia and North America?

I recently read that the Australian Aborigines numbered close to a million during the time of Botany Bay and comprised of ~250 tribes/nations. The Native Americans of North America also boasted ...
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How did the early settlers of Australia settle the continent?

A simple question that is not so simple to answer. What technologies did they use on their journey? Can we trace the settlers lineage using dna sequencing now, or will we ever?
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Australian towns / cities with Aboriginal names

Why were many Aboriginal names kept for town and place names in Australia including one of the first cities Parramatta: As a settlement developed, Governor Phillip gave it the name "Rose Hill" (...
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