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Is there a link between the quack remedy "Peruna" and the Finnish word for 'potato'?

source. click for larger version. My attention was drawn to the advert for "PE-RU-NA": PE-RU-NA | Cures Catarrh | and all Catarrhal Diseases Peruna was a medicine patented by the quack ...
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How can I safely store historic matches? [closed]

I came upon this box of matches, it's probably from around 1900 and has significance for my family history, and I would like to add it to my "box o' historical items" but I'm concerned about ...
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What was that early TV or cinema commercial which was (maybe) the first to feature a shower/somebody showering?

I don't remember when I saw or heard this, where or in what form, but I either listened to the radio maybe 10-15 years ago, or watched it on TV around the same time. I think they were talking either ...
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What is the earliest instance of a celebrity endorsement of a commercial product?

Celebrity endorsements of various products, such as perfumes, soft drinks, or cars, are commonplace today. What is the earliest instance of such an occurrence? I’m considering a celebrity endorsement ...
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