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Did Philo ever mention crucifixion as a punishment in any of his writings? If he didn't, was there ever a reason he didn't?

Philo was a prominent Roman writer and philosopher during the first century AD, it seems that in one of his books 'Against Flaccus' Philo mentions the multiple persecutions and punishments Jews of ...
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Did travelers need a pass to travel in Greco-Roman Egypt, particularly in and out of Alexandria?

I am writing a story in which people travel by boat in Greco-Roman Egypt (27 bce), and am wondering if there were internal controls on travel, or if people were pretty much free to come and go as they ...
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How did the lighthouse at Pharos work?

Was the ancient Greek pharos light house of ancient Alexandria, Egypt capable of creating light beams like a modern flash light? Lots of websites which also includes ones from schools, colleges, ...
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When was the "Alexandrian period" of Greek sciences?

Engels (1880): The foundations of the exact natural sciences were, therefore, first worked out by the Greeks of the Alexandrian period, and later on, in the Middle Ages, by the Arabs. When was this &...
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