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When did the Allied war aims change?

At which point exactly did the aims of the allied powers in the Second World War change from what they were initially to the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany and the other members of the Axis? ...
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Can you recommend books on WW2 Allied conferences?

Are there recommended books that analyze and present a history of the Allied conferences of WW2? I looked at the references here and a ...
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Why weren’t the Dutch and Belgian borders fortified with wire, trenches, mines, etc., as it became clear Germany would invade during WW2?

Following standard military doctrine, a full mobilization of the opponent nation is the clearest indication of hostile intentions, short of an actual declaration of war. Considering that massive, ...
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How were Japanese elite divisions defeated? [closed]

During the early months of the involvement of Japan in World War 2, Japanese land armies performed well against British, American and other Allied (Filipino, Dutch) troops. From my research, on books ...
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Why did Stalin pressure Allies to open second front even though his purpose was to grab as much land as possible for his future satellite states?

After the surprise German attack in 22 June 1941 on Soviet Union, the latter suffered a series of catastrophic defeats during the following months, up to the point it is still debatable today whether ...
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Did German submarines communicate with allied convoys during battle?

In the movie Greyhound a German submarine communicates with an allied convoy during battle by radio to intimidate the crew. Are there historical accounts of such behaviour or is this purely fictional?
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How did the "weather conditions" for an invasion at Pas de Calais compare to those of Normandy?

During World War II, Normandy was chosen as the northern France invasion site over the Pas de Calais. This was in spite of the fact that "weather" made a landing at Normandy a very iffy ...
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