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Questions pertaining to Ancient Egypt are concerned with the civilization that existed in Northeastern Africa from around 3100 BCE to roughly 400 BCE centered along the Nile River. This civilization was responsible for the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and was the precursor to modern day Egypt.

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What is the origin of this quote from the Book of the Dead, "May he journey in the Boat of a Million Years"?

At the beginning of the book The Boat of a Million Years by Poul Anderson is a quote from the Book of the Dead: Labelled as 18th dynasty, and translated as: May he go forth in the sunrise boat May he ...
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What is the name of the Egyptian temple which had a secret / fake voice projection chamber?

I've been touring Egypt a few years ago, and visited many temples. In one of them, I was shown a chamber, and a little passage which apparently went behind the chamber and allowed the priest to ...
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What kept Egyptian Obelisks upright?

I'm NOT asking about how an Obelisk was erected, but what keeps it upright once it's in place? The few sources I can find (and the modern youtube re-enactments) all seem to imply that the obelisk has ...
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What is the oldest known depiction of Isis with wings?

Some of the oldest known references to the goddess Isis are inscriptions, like the Pyramid texts. However, I have been interested in the visual depictions of the Egyptian gods and how they change ...
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Did travelers need a pass to travel in Greco-Roman Egypt, particularly in and out of Alexandria?

I am writing a story in which people travel by boat in Greco-Roman Egypt (27 bce), and am wondering if there were internal controls on travel, or if people were pretty much free to come and go as they ...
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How did Ancient Egyptians see Europe and how did they call the area?

I was wondering how the Egyptians during the time of the Middle Kingdom saw Europe, besides Greece, Rome, and Macedonia? Did they ever travel to trade in or explore the northern part of the continent, ...
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What were the ancient Egyptian terms for the sports of wrestling and boxing?

Wrestling has had a long history, with images depicted of it going back at least 7000 years Wikipedia, and in Egypt at least from 2400 BCE it was depicted on tomb walls. I have been unable to find an ...
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Is šns the correct term for "loaf of bread" in Kemetic Ancient Egyptian?

I am looking for the term "loaf of bread" that was used in ancient Egypt. This is a long timeframe, so I am looking for the term used in the middle period of ancient Egypt. I have found šns ...
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Technological transfer/worker migration e.g. in ancient Egypt

My question revolves around how different inventions were shared between humans in ancient times, for example in ancient Egypt (between 3000 and 0 BC). Nowadays, science is often publicly funded and ...
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Is there an explanation for the disproportionally small head of the Great Sphinx of Giza?

While I don't subscribe to the Orion correlation theory or the related water erosion theory, the head of the Great Sphinx of Giza is disproportionally small compared to its body. The fringe theories ...
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What are the figures on the top of the Last Judgement of Hunefer? What is the green furry thing? Why are some but not all holding an ankh?

I know the first statue represents Ra-Horakhty, the second one is Atum, third is Shu, and the sixth one is probably Sekhmet, but I have no clue what are the rest. Also, what is the object that is in ...
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What do these Egyptian hieroglyphs mean?

I posted this before and it got closed because it's off topic. However, I looked and saw there were other questions on history asking about Hieroglyphs (for example "are there any Egyptian ...
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When was The Tale of Sinuhe first REdiscovered?

I have found a website that gives the details of all of the sources of The Tale of Sinuhe, but I can't figure out what the actual date of discovery was for each of those sources (in order to find the ...
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Is it possible that the title "pharaoh " was applied to any Egyptian king before Thutmose III (c. 1479–1425 BCE)?

According to Wikipedia: The word pharaoh ultimately derives from the Egyptian compound pr ꜥꜣ, /ˌpaɾuwˈʕaʀ/ "great house", written with the two biliteral hieroglyphs pr "house" and ...
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Can a tablet dated to the reign of king Aha be deciphered?

The following is an outline of the tablet showing the string by which it was attached to goods for shipment or storage. Then comes the main source of information: The first two glyphs are easy to ...
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