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Ancient Greece was a civilization centred around the Greek peninsula, that lasted from the 8th century BC to the end of the classical antiquity era (ca. 600 AD).

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Alexandria by Islam Issa--Did Artistotle know Latin or Hebrew?

I started reading the book Alexandria by Islam Issa, which is a history of the City of Alexandria, Egypt. However, early on, there was one detail that seemed really off, and I wanted to get feedback ...
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How long before someone was declared dead in ancient Greece?

In The Odyssey, everyone in Ithaca - except Penelope - assumes that since most surviving Greeks returned home shortly after the end of the Trojan War, Odysseus is dead. This legitimises a group of men,...
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Which text asserts that "An assembly with no minority/opposition should be dissolved"?

This 19th century Jewish work, section 20 of Benjamin Aryeh Hakohen Weiss's "Even Yekarah”, refers to an ancient gentile text (this usually means Ancient Greece, but not necessarily) which ...
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What happened to the rowers during boarding actions in ancient Greece?

My research thus far has led me to the following conclusions: The main methods of dispatching enemy ships during naval combat in ancient Greece was by ramming and by boarding, with ramming being the ...
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Have any cultures had a four-element system different from fire, earth, air (or wind), and water?

Ancient Greek culture (Empedocles, Aristotle) had fire, earth, air, and water. Such a system is also known in Buddhism and alchemy. Sometimes the third of these elements is conceived as wind. Hinduism ...
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What is the latest case of employment of Cretan archers in Antiquity?

It is known that Cretan archers were widely used (presumably as mercenaries) across Mediterranean by Greek armies and were occasionally included in Roman armies of Republic and of Imperial period. I ...
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Did the Ancient Greeks not usually carry money around?

I've heard before that the Ancient Greeks would carry money around in their mouths, due to their lack of pockets. However, I have just come across this passage in Diogenes Laertius Book IV Ch.3: ...
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How did the Ancient Greeks forge and shape metal gears?

The closest to answer I've gotten is this video: Wikipedia: Making gears by hand without machines However, I don't really know if Archimedes and his contemporaries would have the above tools or not. I'...
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What would an ancient Greek village (small settlement) have looked like?

Context: I am preparing a D&D campaign, and because I find "medieval western europe fantasy land" to be a bit over-used, I'd like to make my setting more of an ancient greek setting. However, ...
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Do we have any information on what the homes of Aristotle or Plato would have looked like?

I wonder because of how influential and famous they were at their time, immediately following, and effectively forever after that (with the exception of Aristotle's slight dark age of having his ...
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Where were there fractal structures in ancient Rome?

I am looking for some examples of fractal or fractal-like structures and patterns in ancient Rome. I did some research but did not find much. On this topic I only found this article where ...
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What were the Oriental influences on Heraclitus?

I'm reading Karl Popper's The Open Society and its Enemies. In chapter two, he mentions in passing that Greek philosophers such as Heraclitus were influenced by oriental ideas. Is he referring to ...
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What would a simple Carthaginian bronze coin have bought?

I possess a Carthegian Zeugitania bronze coin which was reportedly minted around 220 BC between the First and Second Punic War. It is 16mm wide and features Tanit on the reverse. My query is what ...
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How did ancient Greek city-states secure mines to mint coins?

I have a basic question about mines and coinage. I have read that different cities minted their own coins. The Athenians were lucky with the Laurion mines which contained silver. But what did cities ...
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What is the correct publication date for Thucydides' The Peloponnesian War?

At Thucydides - The Peloponnesian War I found a digital edition of the subject work as translated by Rex Warner (9 March 1905 – 24 June 1986) with a purported publication date of 1916. ...
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Would an Athenian citizen, reduced elsewhere into slavery, remain a slave if brought back to Athens?

I understand that it was common at one time for debt defaulters in Athens to be driven into a form of slavery, or bonded servitude, and that Solon abolished this practice and freed all such bondsmen. ...
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Did Plato practice pankration?

At what level, if at all did Plato practice the martial art of pankration and what direct evidence do we have for believing so? Pankration is a Greek martial art; a sort of bare knuckles MMA in that ...
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How did the Ptolemaics inherit the tradition of royal incest?

Cleopatra (VII), the last queen of Egypt, was forced to marry her younger brother to keep the royal blood in the family. This, of course was a form of royal incest. From what I understand, the ...
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What were the demographics of the ancient Crete (any population estimates from 500BCE to 1BCE will do)?

I am looking for any estimates on the population of ancient Crete in the time period 500BCE to 1BCE. I have searched for such estimates on google but I haven't found anything relevant. (Note: The ...
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The difference between the houses of Ancient Athens and Ancient Crete and how that was affected by woman's status

I have been researching lately about woman in ancient Greece and I concluded that ancient Athenian homes were constucted in a way that assisted the lives of women, meaning they had many rooms to live ...
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Why is a piece missing in an English translation of Herodotus Histories?

Original text from Herodotus "Histories" (Book One, chapter 203): ἡ δὲ Κασπίη θάλασσα ἐστὶ ἐπ᾽ ἑωυτῆς, οὐ συμμίσγουσα τῇ ἑτέρῃ θαλάσσῃ. τὴν μὲν γὰρ Ἕλληνὲς ναυτίλλονται πᾶσα καὶ ἡ ἔξω ...
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