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How did Japan do private era name and regnal name prior to Taika?

How did Japanese private era names (shinengo, 私年号/私年號) and regnal names (non era name systems) work before the nengo system? I know starting with Taika they had public era names (公年号/公年號) created by ...
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What was the purpose of the breastplate rings on samurai armor?

In the Royal Ontario Museum, I found this armor, and was perplexed by the two gold rings that appear on the breastplate. While it seem that something ought to be attached to them, no example of ...
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What is the exact reign years for Japanese Emperor Keiko, Emperor Seimu, Emperor Chuai, Empress Jingu and Emperor Nintoku?

According to Wikipedia, although starting with Emperor Sujin, they are with a direct possibility of existence, they still presumed legendary until Empress Jingu. However, Kofun Culture (http://www.t-...
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What is the story of this kamon?

I see that you have a lot of knowledge and I have been looking for information for several years. Do you know the story of this kamon? It is worn by my wife's family. It's Maruni ken Hanabishi; it is ...
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Did ancient Chinese and/or Japanese scholars speculate about what lay across the Pacific?

Before the age of exploration, a good number European scholars speculated about the Atlantic beyond the Iberian peninsula, whether it was the location of Atlantis, or whether or not Japan could be ...
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What did Japanese architecture look like with heavy materials such as stone, mortar and clay?

In the Wikipedia article on Japanese architecture, it says in the Heian era, and I quote, "Heavy materials like stone, mortar and clay were abandoned as building elements, with simple wooden ...
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What kind of football was played in 645 Japan?

In the book History of Japan by Richard Mason, the author states in chapter 3: In the year 645, opponents of the Soga leaders struck back. The final coup was preceded by careful preparations that ...
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Were taiko drums used to determine village sizes?

Were taiko drums used to determine village size? If so, when was this practice in use? In 'Full Circle', Michael Palin says that the taiko drums were used to determine village sizes in pre-industrial ...
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