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How was the Cuban military capable of performing African interventions?

Cuba has led many interventions in Africa during the Cold War: Instructors sent in Angola Up to 400 000 soldiers, including instructors, tank brigades, air wings in Angola to help the fight against ...
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What is the backstory behind the White Sun of Angola?

I was reading some history of Angola and came across this symbol, for which the filename was "White Sun of Angola". I was unable to find anything that explains its origin with some simple google ...
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Was the factional civil war that broke out in Angola after its independence in 1975 based on tribal rivalry?

Was the factional civil war that broke out in Angola after its independence from Portugal in 1975 primarily based on tribal rivalries. (with an ideological cover)?
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What was Yugoslavia doing in the Angolan Civil War?

I was looking through Wikipedia (a mixed quality source) about the military history of Yugoslavia, when I noticed this odd listing of Yugoslavia as one of the combatants in the Angolan Civil War (1975-...
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What became of the plan to partition Angola?

At the height of the war between UNITA rebels and the MPLA government of Angola there was - I recall - for a time a plan to fully partition Angola and create two countries. UNITA would have the ...
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