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Question regarding the history of the northernmost region of Earth, including the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas, and parts of North America, Europe and Asia above the Arctic Circle.

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What led some people to (correctly) believe that there was no land under the ice cap at the North Pole?

In the 1595 Map of the Arctic, Mercator shows the North Pole as having a substantial landmass surrounding a rock. Source: Wikipedia A little over a hundred years later, Guillaume de L'Isle's 1714 ...
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Were Arctic communities aware how different daylight cycles were elsewhere?

At extreme latitudes, what we would think of as the typical day/night cycle becomes very different. The sun remains continuously visible for one day during the summer solstice at the polar circle, ...
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Who owned Franz Josef islands between 1918-1926?

Franz Josef land was discovered and claimed by Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1873. Previously Norway discovered it, but they never reported the discovery. The Austro-Hungarian Empire dissoluted in 1918. ...
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How was Canadian sovereignty in the arctic threatened in the 1950s?

Wikipedia article on the settlement of Grise Fiord in the Canadian Arctic strongly suggests that Canada in the 1950s was striving to populate its arctic territory in response to challenges to its ...
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How did Nansen plan to get home from the Fram expedition?

In 1893, the famed explorer Fridtjof Nansen set out on an expedition to reach the North Pole. The plan was to sail a sturdy wooden ship, the Fram, into the ice north of Siberia, then drift, frozen in ...
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How long did it take the Thule people to migrate from Alaska to Greenland?

The Thule people, ancestors of today's Inuit, are said to have migrated or spread from their homeland in Alaska all the way to Greenland in the far east. How long did this migration take? Was it ...
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Is there evidence of people moving east to Europe?

We know that the Inuits moved from present-day Alaska to Greenland, but did they move any farther east? At least to Iceland or the other Nordic countries? They would have to cross the Atlantic which ...
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