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For questions about the history of the South American country of Argentina.

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Did Argentine President Juan Peron grant free access to the radio, the press and two soccer stadiums to a preacher called Tommy Hicks in 1954?

The title is a summary of claims I've read from several informal sources. For example, this site claims: It was in this environment that Tommy Hicks was welcomed into the presidential office. After ...
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Were there any long-term political effects on Argentina after Eichmann's kidnapping?

On the 11th May 1960 a group of Mossad agents kidnapped Adolf Eichmann, who was at this time living in Argentina under false name of "Ricardo Klement". After this kidnapping (and subsequent trial) ...
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How possible was it for colonizers to sail up the Paraná River to today's states of Paraná and São Paulo?

I know that there was a harbor as far as in Porto Feliz (state of São Paulo) on Tietê river. But I wonder whether it was only for the downstream transport, or also the upstream. I have searched on ...
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What was the military strength of the participants in the Falklands conflict?

The Wikipedia entry for Falklands War does not specify the strength of the belligerents, i.e., the size of the military of each size. Are there details of the military size of the two countries at ...
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Who founded the Argentine mate herb enterprise Cruz de Malta?

Who founded the Argentinian herb mate enterprise Cruz de Malta? This company sold herb mate for more than a century. Nowadays, the brand belongs to Molinos.
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Did Peron shelter Nazis after WWII?

After WWII, many Nazis sought and found refuge in Argentina. The proportion to which that happened certainly couldn't be carried out without some level of complicity from the Argentine establishment ...
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Did the Mapuche conquer other non-Mapuche tribes?

The story of the Mapuche, as I learnt in school, was that the Mapuche were (and are) a rather homogeneous group, settled in a given area, which was attacked first by the Incas, then by the Spanish ...
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Spanish colonial cattle ranching cultures

Many Iberian colonists in the viceroyalties of New Spain (Mexico) and La Plata (Argentina) practiced cattle ranching. Both sides practiced branding and rode horses to control their herds. Many of the ...
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Why does Brazil have many more Italian descendants than the U.S. or Argentina when the latter two received more Italian immigrants?

According to the wikipedia page about Italian emigration (in Portuguese, but the table with immigrants to each country is very easy to read) the U.S. received 5.6 million Italians between 1870 and ...
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Why did Argentina invade the Falklands when they did, rather than wait for the pending sale of the UK aircraft carriers to complete first?

At the time of the Argentinian invasion, the UK was in the process of selling its aircraft carrier and reducing its naval capacity. If Argentina had waited a short time, it would have been much harder ...
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Where was the Buenos Aires - Lima Spanish Royal Road?

the Royal Road was a designation assigned to any road administered by the Spanish Crown, including through its viceroys. During the Spanish Empire, several such roads ran through the expanses of ...
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Did the Axis use Villa Cisneros during WW2 for contact with South America?

I have read that a German U-boat refueling at Villa Cisneros was attacked and sunk. I have also read that After Germany Invaded Russia in 1941 a Japanese technical mission returning to Japan was flown ...
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How many unarmed did Che Guevara kill personally or by order?

How many unarmed did Che Guevara execute kill or by his order? I've seen numbers that range from 180 to 14,000 yet nothing official.
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Why didn't Britain's nuclear weapons deter Argentina from invading the Falklands?

The United Kingdom has nuclear weapons. All the [major] political parties support this policy. A common justification heard is that they are a deterrent against foreign aggression. For example: UK ...
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What were Argentina's intentions for the Falkland Islanders?

Argentina must have assumed in 1982 that its occupation of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) would be successful and that Argentinian sovereignty over the territory would be accepted. What were the ...
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Why did so many Italians emigrate to Argentina?

On 13th of March, 2013, archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, became new pope of Catholic Church. He was born and raised in Argentina with Italian origins. There are more than 24 ...
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Missing link in the German tank development?

As you know, the Leopard 1 was not the first tank of postwar Germany. Germany work on different new tanks. There are prototypes as medium tank Indienpanzer (later developed into a Swiss KW30 and its ...
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Argentina's involvement with the League of Nations

Argentina was a founding member of the League of Nations. However, Argentina left in 1921 when an Argentine resolution was rejected. Why, and through what procedure (if any), was Argentina allowed to ...
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Was Antarctica a factor in the Falklands war?

Were Argentina's and the UK's Antarctic territorial claims significant in the Falklands War?
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