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What was the difference between Hussars and Chasseurs à Cheval in the 19th Century French army?

As far as I can discover, in 19th Century France, Chasseurs à Cheval and Hussars were both light cavalry with little or no armour, prioritizing speed over protection, armed with sabres and carbines, ...
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Help identifying my great grandfather’s WWI Italian Army uniform, rank, regiment

My great grandfather was an immigrant to the USA in 1907 but wasn’t a citizen yet so couldn’t enlist. He went back to Italy to fight in the war. He was from Sellia Marina. From the research I’ve done, ...
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Why did the Byzantine military strength decline? [closed]

At the start and peak of the glory of the Byzantine Empire, it had more than 350,000 well-trained soldiers at the time of Justinian I. But the size of the army declined heavily over the period from ...
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Who manufactured US 10th Cavalry Saber?

My grandfather - Henry Abbey Jr. was a Lt. in the US Army 10th Cavalry out of Fort Huachuca in AZ. I have photos of him - and there is one in the Fort Museum - and I have his saber/sword. I'm ...
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Which WWII Medal and ribbon are these?

I am trying to identify a possible medal that my great grandfather was awarded as I am putting his medals together for my grandmother. Though I'm not quite sure it's a medal. I looked through his ...
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Is this a US Army military uniform cape?

I have this heavy wool cape – it looks kinda grey in a few pics,but is black. It is wool with a red wool lining (the lining is a bit lighter in weight) – there are no arm holes, but two pockets inset ...