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Questions tagged [artillery]

Questions related to large class projectile weapons.

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Was the East Prussian operation "unequalled in munitions expenditure"?

In his memoirs (text in Russian), Marshal Aleksandr Vasilevsky claims the following (emphasis added by me): I will note in passing that in terms of munitions consumption the East Prussian operation ...
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Can anyone help identifying markings on this artillery shell casing?

Inherited this shell casing from my grandfather who emigrated from England around war time (WW2) but I don't have any real information or dates. My mother just remembers it always being around. My ...
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A bronze reservoir in Osaka

George Lensen's "The Russian Push Toward Japan", 1959, cites Okamoto Ryunosuke, "Nichi-Ro kosho Hokkaido shiko", 1898, to say: Matsudaira Sadanobu states that guns for defenses must be of bronze. ...
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Identification of a WW1 German shell casing?

I have what I believe is a German WW1 shell casing. It is marked RhMF (54?) MARZ 1918 Düsseldorf. Approximately 8 1/2” diameter, 9 1/8” tall, 12 1/2 pounds. Any information would be much appreciated.
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Please help identify this shell casing

We found the end of a shell casing in our garden. We believe it is made of brass it’s 3.2 inches across and has the following stamps on it: DCP oo 75 M No 32 1917 BA with N on its side above. ...
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