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Questions regarding the history of the transportation of slaves from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean to various destinations, from the 16th through the 18th centuries AD.

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Did the famous abolitionist Elihu Embree own slaves at the time of his death?

I was reading the first edition of The Emancipator, found here: "THE EMANCIPATOR." Emancipator, 30 Apr. 1820, p. 1. Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive
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How complete is the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database?

I was trying to answer another question I had when I came across the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. According to one website, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database is "[t]he most ...
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What documents should one take hold of in April 1865 in order to establish the list of slave owners in the slave states of the US?

What documents should the president of the U.S. take hold of in order to establish his list of slave owners, including former slaveowners in the decades leading up to the war, in April of 1865? One ...
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Which was the official position of the Catholic Church on the Atlantic Slave Trade?

The position of the Catholic Church (officially through the pope) regarding slavery of native Americans in the American continent is very clear. At the beginning of the European colonization of such ...
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How were false US flags identified on slave ships in the transatlantic slave trade?

Background In the transatlantic slave trade, it is known that captains of the slave ships used to fly false US flags. This was due to the USA not allowing the Royal Navy to search their ships. "...
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How many slaves did the British Empire free between 1700 and 1900?

Parliament's 1833 Slavery Abolition Act bought, over a six-year time period, the freedom of all slaves in the British Empire the Territories in the Possession of the East India Company, or to the ...
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What is the number of slaves imported from Africa to the Americas by non-British countries?

From 1526 to approximately 1870, slave ships from various countries loaded slaves from Africa and took them to somewhere in the Americas. (Note, in this question, I use "America" and "Americas" to ...
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What was the historical prevalance of inherited chattel slavery?

Slavery was widespread throughout the ancient world. However, some of the most common examples seem to differ qualitatively from slavery as it's commonly conceived today. For instance, Greek slavery ...
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What was the tonnage carried in the Triangle Trade?

I'm interested in metrics regarding trans-atlantic trade in the era of the sail. The specific timespan doesn't matter. The specific cargo also doesn't matter. I've searched but not found any ...
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How could a black woman be transported directly from Africa to Britain in 1760s?

I am a screenwriter. Currently started developing a screenplay for a feature film with the story happening in Western Africa and Britain in 1770 (+/-). I know that in Atlantic slave trade scheme ...
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Why did American Abolitionists believe slavery to be immoral? [closed]

Someone already asked when and how people began to consider slavery immoral on stack exchange, but no one has asked why. Why did American abolitionists believe slavery was immoral before 1860? I know ...
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Why was sugar cultivation more profitable in the Caribbean/Brazil than West Africa?

The Atlantic slave trade involved the large-scale deportation of West African slaves to sugar plantations on the other side of the Atlantic. Why was it more profitable to do that, rather than to ...
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How did former slaves typically acquire a surname?

Especially male slaves, as female slaves logically would have taken the husband's name if they found one. Did male slaves that had been freed just randomly pick a surname? I'm referring to the ...
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Did the people who initiated the trans-Atlantic slave trade think they were doing something new?

I'm trying to get at an insider's perspective on the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and on the institution of slavery in the New World more generally. Partly I'm puzzled by why it took until the 18th ...
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Is it true that slavery was endemic in Sub-Saharan Africa previous to the establishment of the trans-Atlantic slave trade?

Stefan Molyneux claims in The Truth About The Crusades that: Islam dominated slave trade between the 7th and the 15th century, while the Christians entered the market of human flesh much later - ...
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Was mortality higher on French slave ships and if so, why?

I was recently at the African American museum; part of the large history exhibit included a wall of slave-bearing ships with the name, dates, and flag under which the ship sailed. I noticed a pattern: ...
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How did sailing technology improve during the Age of Sail? [closed]

Wikipedia article on the Middle Passage says: while an average transatlantic journey of the early 16th century lasted several months, by the 19th century the crossing often required fewer than six ...
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Advanced sub-saharan civilizations prior to cross-atlantic slave trade?

I came across the following passage in Desmond Morris' 1969 book The Human Zoo. In it the author is arguing that sub-saharan Africa contained advanced civilizations prior to the commencement of the ...
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Relation between Afroamerican religions and colonial metropoles?

In most of Brazil, Afroamerican religion is Candomblé, which is rooted in Yoruba traditional religion, with influences of Angola-Congo traditions. The main exception is the Northeastern state of ...
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Why do Afro-Caribbeans have English names whereas Indo-Caribbeans still have Indian(ish) names?

Why don't Afro-Caribbeans have African names or Indo-Caribbeans have English names? Did colonizers find it difficult to pronounce African names but not Indian names? Further to this question, if this ...
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Travel time for African Slave trade

What was the average travel time for African slaves being moved from the interior of Africa to the coast for export? Also, how long did they tend to wait on the coast until they were exported? I ...
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British Slave Inventory

At what point were the numbers of slaves transported by the British to America first recorded? How many people were transported as slaves from Africa to America by the British? How many of them died ...
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