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Questions tagged [bangladesh]

Questions regarding the history of Bangladesh, a country in South Asia surrounded on all three sides by the Republic of India, and Myanmar on the south-eastern corner, with the Indian Ocean to the south.

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Why did Sheikh Mujibur Rahman refuse to negotiate on Six Points [after] the 1970 election? [closed]

According to the white papers published by the Government of Pakistan on 5th August 1971, Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman tried hard to convey that his Six Points demands were in line with ...
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What was president Ayub Khan's plan on the eastern front during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965?

Surprisingly, the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965 was concentrated on the western front only. That is because the war lasted only 17 days and ended up in a ceasefire. After the 1965 war, one of the ...
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What is the explanation of president Gen. Yahya Khan's role in the general election of 1970? [closed]

It is widely agreed upon that the 1970's election was a fair election. However, this 'fair' election became the cause of the split of Pakistan. Firstly, president Yahya Khan's issued LFO(Legal ...
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Why was East Pakistan never divided into multiple provinces? [closed]

East Pakistan had a population much bigger than West Pakistan. West Pakistan had multiple provinces, but the East had only one province. This had been a recognized problem, and that was why Mohammad ...
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Pakistani point of view on the Liberation War of Bangladesh

Being a Bangladeshi, it has been difficult to know the Pakistani view of the Liberation War in 1971. What their exact goal was, how they intended to achieve this goal, what resources they had and how ...
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How did people and goods move between East Pakistan and West Pakistan?

Prior to Bangladeshi independence in 1971, what routes did people and goods take to move between East Pakistan and West Pakistan? Obviously, they couldn't have gone straight through India. I imagine ...
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CIA mole in Indira Gandhi's Cabinet

It is discussed in several books that the CIA had a mole in Indira Gandhi's cabinet around the time of the Liberation war for Bangladesh in 1971. There are conflicting reports about who the mole could ...
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Why did the the East-Pakistanis oppose Urdu as their national language while Indians accepted Hindi as theirs?

In 1947, Both India and Pakistan were given independence from Britain. India was able to establish Hindi as its national language with minimal problems. Pakistan, on the other hand, was created with ...
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