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Questions regarding the history of the Great Plague (a.k.a. the Black Death), a devastating pandemic which claimed the lives of 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia from 1347 to 1351 AD.

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Did countries use insurance to compensate for their economic losses after the Black Death/Spanish flu/Asian flu? [closed]

The first insurance contracts as we know them today appeared between the 12th and 13th centuries in Italy. The Florentine chronicler Giovani Villani asserts that insurance originated in Lombardy in ...
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Are there any accounts of everyday life during the Black Death?

How did everyday life looked like for people living during the Plague? I'm mostly interested in trying to understand things from the point of view of a regular person living in Europe. For example, I ...
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How were the cities of Milan and Bruges spared by the Black Death?

On this map* we can see that some cities and areas seem to be spared. How did cities like Milan and Bruges manage to protect themselves from the Black Death ? I'm also interested in how Milan, a city ...
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What was the purpose of the "strange crow mask" during the Black Death? [duplicate]

I looked at the Costumes which the doctors used during the Plague and saw that they wore a strange crow mask what is the reason for this? The mask does not provide any special protection as far as I ...
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How did China deal with the Black Death during the second plague pandemic?

As far as I know, Europeans quarantined people. Sometimes neighbors sent food, and some people checked and marked houses infected by the Black Death. Sometimes corpses were burned in a mass pit, and ...
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Were Christians prohibited to pass Golden Horde - Rus border immediately before Black Death?

Note: this question is similar to earlier Were there any travel restrictions during the Black Death pandemic?, but asks about travel restrictions existing before the epidemic. Wikipedia article on ...
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Were there any travel restrictions during the Black Death pandemic?

From the Wikipedia article Black Death: The Black Death, also known as the Pestilence, Great Bubonic Plague, the Great Plague or the Plague, or less commonly the Great Mortality or the Black Plague,...
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How was ownership of property managed during the Black Death, when so many original owners had died?

Historically, in the UK if a property owner died intestate with no heirs, the property ownership went to the Crown under an escheat. During the Black Death, in the 12th century, the population of ...
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Do we know anything in detail about the effect of the black death on Sub-Saharan Africa?

When I was in school 20-odd years ago, historians were still unsure about whether or not the black death traveled through Sub-Saharan Africa to any large degree, in large part because the vector (...
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Was Vox In Rama a factor of the quick spread of the Black Plague?

I am working on a project for a history class and my topic was the bubonic plague. I was researching when I came across multiple articles that claimed Pope Gregory IX - leader of the Roman Catholic ...
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Economic aftermath in Europe and the Middle East of the Black Death

The following excerpt is from Blinkist's summary of The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan: Europe after the plague was an altogether different place. The population had fallen dramatically, but this ...
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What was the mortality rate of the Black Death?

There are primary sources indicating high mortality in Italy. But that's it. The 1m+ death estimates seem to all originate from a single person writing in the 19th century (Gasquet). Gasquet has been ...
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Why didn't the Black Death result in favorable results for surviving peasants in China?

The Black Death affected Europe and China alike. In Europe, the Black Death resulted in increased social mobility for the peasants and, as a result, labor-saving innovations were introduced. All ...
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How was the Black Death stopped?

I came to understand that the Black Death was transmitted through rats. But I can't find how it ended. Was it the lack of people and a reduction of the trading system between countries that made it ...
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What was the reason for inflation in Britain after the Black Death?

According to the Wikipedia article Ordinance of Labourers 1349 During this outbreak [of Black Death], an estimated 30-40% of the population died. The decline in population left surviving workers in ...
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