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Questions regarding the history of disputes over borders.

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What country has had territorial disputes with the largest number of neighbors/other countries at the same time? [closed]

Question: What country has had territorial disputes with the largest number of neighbors/other countries at the same time? To What result. Many countries have undeclared borders one of the longest ...
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Why did Ethiopia not fight with Eritrea over coastal territory when giving them independence?

To me, it is kind of crazy to me that Ethiopia wouldn't just take a slither of Eritrea to connect them to the coast. They were bigger and could easily have done it when giving Eritreans their ...
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Has the majority ever seceded?

I am curious if there are any historical examples whereby the territorial and/or demographic majority of a country seceded from a minority as perhaps they realize maintaining it is more trouble than ...
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What was the reason that Poland wanted a part of Germany north of Stettin/Szczecin and west of the Oder?

If you look at the map you see the so-called Stettiner Zipfel (Szczecin lobe) in the west of the Oder which includes Stettin/Szczecin. OpenStreetMap How the course of the border is defined is ...
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Why did Hitler not claim the German-majority areas of Schleswig?

As a part of the Treaty of Versailles, and following the results of the two Schleswig plebiscites held in 1920, the northern part of Schleswig (Zone 1) was returned to Denmark while the central part (...
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Did the Soviet Union get a net border gain from China during World War II?

The border changes between the Soviet Union and China between 1917 and 1945 seem to be very complicated. At the end, in 1945, the Soviet Union invaded Manchuria wholeheartedly, and in violation of ...
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Why was Pah-Ute County transferred to Nevada?

In 1866, the US Congress transferred the majority of Pah-Ute county from the Arizona Territory to the state of Nevada. This was done against the wishes of the territorial legislature of Arizona. Why ...
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Why have some territorial annexations been rejected by the international community? [closed]

The annexation of Kuwait by Iraq, the annexation of the Golan Heights by Israel, and the annexation of Crimea by Russia are examples of recent territorial annexations that have been rejected by the ...
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How was Canadian sovereignty in the arctic threatened in the 1950s?

Wikipedia article on the settlement of Grise Fiord in the Canadian Arctic strongly suggests that Canada in the 1950s was striving to populate its arctic territory in response to challenges to its ...
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Were the borders of British India deliberately poorly demarcated?

In India (at least), the British authorities demarcated its borders in a very poor way. For example: Siachen was neither given to Pakistan nor to India. Aksai Chin was not demarcated; they considered ...
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Why did countries declare exclusive economic zones of up to 200 nautical miles?

Today coastal countries own the surrounding marine waters stretching 200 nautical miles from their shoreline in terms of exclusive rights of exploiting its resources (their exclusive economic zone (...
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In which document was the exact course of the northern part of the German-Polish border decided?

While researching the answer to "How was Germany's border decided?", I didn't manage to find any documents which would precisely describe the borders between Germany and Poland between the points 53° ...
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Was it worthwhile for Britain to side with the USA in the Canada-Alaska border dispute?

In 1903 the Canada-Alaska border dispute was decided by a tribunal of 3 American members, 2 Canadian members, and 1 British member. The British member sided with the Americans with the stated goal of ...
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