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Questions regarding the history of Boston, Massachusetts, one of the oldest cities in the United States, founded in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England.

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Where is the other surviving chest from the Boston Tea Party?

A web site dicussing the Boston Tea Party has the following paragraph: Two hundred thirty-nine years later, young John’s find, one of only two known surviving tea chests from the Boston Tea Party, ...
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Where would a British Captain and his wife live in Boston in 1773?

I am writing an historical novel and the two main characters, a colonist who marries a British Captain, move to Boston when he is transferred there. Where would they live. His job was to oversee the ...
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How much protection did Fort Warren afford Boston?

Fort Warren (constructed 1833–1861) was built on Georges Island in Boston Harbor, by my understanding to guard what was then the main channel into Boston, marked "Main Shipping Channel" on ...
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How long would it have taken to sail from Boston to Nova Scotia in 1775?

I have to write a diary for my Social Studies class on what life as a loyalist was like. How long would it have taken them to sail from Boston to Nova Scotia, also known as British North America in ...
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What did Boston shoemakers do with cattle brands?

In the Mexican era, whole cattle hides were California's principal export. To prevent theft law enforcement sometimes checked the brands on hides before they were exported by sailing ship. Most went ...
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