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Questions regarding the history of Calvinism, which is a major theological branch of Protestantism based largely on the faith and practices set forth by John Calvin in the 16th century AD.

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Are Luther and Calvin responsible for executing more humans than the Catholic Inquisition?

Here is a quote from one Russian Orthodox priest: "The number of witches burned by Luther is way greater then the number of those burnt by any (Catholic) Inquisition within one hundred years. ...
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What happened to the Polish Calvinists?

According to the Wikipedia article on Calvinism: Although much of Calvin's work was in Geneva, his publications spread his ideas of a "correctly" reformed church to many parts of Europe. [...] It ...
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Why did the French nobility adopt Calvinism?

The Wikipedia article on the French Wars of Religion says that the Calvinist form of Protestantism, in particular, spread into the nobility. Now, I'd like to know why is that, and not Lutheranism for ...
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Will someone help me understand the following quotation about Calvinism?

Okay, working on some class notes for school, and I stumbled upon a sentence which seems like it's in another language to me in the text: "To Luther’s emphasis on the individual’s relationship to ...
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